UAN Member Portal for UAN Login –  Epfo login separately for epf employer login and epfo member login to Download UAN Passbook Online:

UAN Member Portal for UAN Login: The UAN Member Portal is a great facility provided by EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) to all registered members. On UAN Member Portal, Employees can access their Provident Fund Account through UAN Login by entering UAN Number and Password. UAN Number is very important for every member who has a PF Account. The Universal Account Number is a twelve digit unique number provided by EPF Organization to its members. UAN Login is useful to check EPF Balance, Check Claim Status and Download EPF Passbook via UAN Member Portal.

The Government of India provides Provident Fund, Pension Scheme and Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme to the Employees through EPFO.

UAN Registration

  • For Employer: To use EPFO UAN Services, the Employer needs to register himself or the Establishment on UAN Employer Portal. Employer can register himself or the Establishment with Register Owner feature. The Employer has to provide his name, PAN details, Address etc. information for UAN Registration.
  • For Member/Employee: UAN Registration is also important for every Employee to become UAN Member.  On UAN Member Portal, only Registered Members can Login . The Employee must know his UAN Number for Registration and Activation on UAN Member Portal.

UAN Login

EPFO Member Login at EPFO Member Portal

UAN Login

The EPF Organization provides UAN Member Portal with UAN Login for Employee. Through UAN Login, the members can check their Provident Fund Account Balance, Claim Status, Passbook Download and much more.

EPFO Employer Login at EPFO Member Portal:

By UAN Login, the Employer can deposit his monthly contribution to Employees’ Provident Fund. UAN Employer Portal is created by EPFO so that the Employers need not to get hesitated much by visiting the registered EPFO Office again and again. The EPFO has provided UAN Member Portal for Employers also. The Employers UAN Login is useful for Online Registration of Establishment (OLRE), Online ECR/Challan Submission, Payment of EPF, Approval of EPF Claim, New Employee Registration, Claim Settlement, Update Employees Details etc.

Check EPF Balance Online

UAN Help Desk Registration and Login

UAN Help Desk is the best tool for every member of EPFO. Because once the UAN Registration is over, the members require to change, modify and update their personal details time to time. Moreover, sometimes the UAN Activation Process takes longer time than usual. So the UAN Help Desk assists the members (employees and employers) to get to know some important details which are given as follows_

  • Don’t know UAN Number.
  • Update Incorrect Details (Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Date of Joining etc.).
  • Passbook related Problem.
  • Details Not Matching during UAN Activation Process.
  • SMS Not Received (on Registered Number) at the time of UAN Activation.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) is still Pending with the Employer/Company.

In order to access the above mentioned services, the members need to register themselves and login to the UAN Help Desk through one of the following methods_

  • Registered Member can Login with Reference Number and Mobile Number.
  • Other candidates can Login with EPFO User Name and Password.

Check Your UAN Number

The Member can find UAN Number through UAN Help Desk Portal with a few simple steps given below_

  1. Log on to UAN Help Desk @
  2. Navigate to Click Here to Register as Member and select the link to go to relevant page.
  3. Then Select Problem Type as “WHAT IS MY UAN?”
  4. Enter your Registered Mobile Number, Select Your State, Office etc.
  5. Then provide your Member ID, Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth.
  6. Write about Problem Matter in less than 1000 words as mentioned.
  7. Select your language as English or Hindi.
  8. Finally click on Generate OTP button.
  9. Enter the One Time Password as received on your Mobile Number.
  10. Soon your query will be resolved and you can get to know your Universal Account Number (UAN).

EPFO UAN Activation Process Online

The EPFO UAN Activation Process can be explained by two perspectives as under

01)UAN Activation by Employer

The Universal Account Number of an Employee can be activated by Employer. In order to exercise UAN Activation Process, the Employer must have several documents details of that Employee mentioned below:

  • Date of Joining of Employee
  • Mobile Number
  • PF Account Number
  • EPF Member ID and UAN Number
  • UAN Login Status i.e. Registered or Not
  • Other Revevant Details

02)UAN Activation by Employee

The Employees can Activate their UAN Number by logging on to UAN Member Portal. But the Employee must have some key details (given below) before proceeding to UAN Online Activation Process.

  • EPF Member ID
  • UAN Number (this option comes with auto fill on UAN Portal)
  • User Name
  • Password (to be created at the time of UAN Registration)
  • Mobile Number

The Mobile Number of Employee must be active during the UAN Activation Process as it will ask for Verification Code to be sent on Mobile Number.

Check EPFO UAN Status Online

When an employee puts online request for UAN Activation, the respective authority takes some time to review the particulars. After completion of checking of personal details provided by the member/employee, the EPF Organization sends Activation Notice to concerned employee. But when the UAN Activation is in process, there is a facility of checking UAN Status Online available which can be described as follows_

  1. Visit UAN Login Portal at
  2. Select the option UAN Status OR UAN Activation Form.
  3. Enter your EPF Number or Member ID.
  4. Provide your Name same as written in EPF Account.
  5. Enter your Date of Birth and Registered Mobile Number.
  6. Submit the details to proceed.
  7. Now you can see your UAN Status Online on computer screen.

In order to Login UAN Member First Time, the candidate needs to provide their UAN Number and Password. Here you must know your UAN Login Details otherwise you can not login to your account. The Password is generally created along with User Name on UAN Member Portal at the time of Activate Your UAN Based Registration.

Recover your Forgot UAN Number

The EPF Member can anytime recover the Forgot UAN Number through UAN Login Portal or UAN Help Desk. The Member should select Forgot Login option on the Official UAN Portal and provide some key details asked on page. In order to get back Forgot UAN Number through Help Desk, the candidates are advised to refer the Get to Know Your UAN Number Process given above.

Download UAN Passbook From EPFO Member Portal

UAN Passbook Download

The Employee is able to download EPF Account Passbook with help of UAN Login. The Provident Fund Account is managed by EPF Organization and the members have complete right to know what transactions take place into their PF Account. Therefore the UAN Login Portal is a boon to all employees. Here are some simple steps to Download EPF Passbook via UAN Login:

  1. Visit the official portal at
  2. Navigate to FOR EMPLOYEES section and select UAN Member e-Sewa link.
  3. Enter your User Name and Password as asked and Sign In to UAN Login Member Portal.
  4. The EPF Member Dashboard will appear on your screen.
  5. Select Download section situated besides Home button.
  6. Then click on DOWNLOAD PASSBOOK tab to proceed.
  7. Your EPF Passbook will be displayed before you.
  8. Save/Download your EPF Account Passbook as PDF.

UAN Login Benefits and Facilities

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization provides a unique UAN Number to all its members so that they can access UAN Login to utilize all features and advantages in their Provident Fund Account. The member is generally registered with UAN Number and Aadhaar Number on UAN Portal. Here we present a few of many UAN Login Facilities and Benefits as under_With UAN Login,

  • You can link all of your Provident Fund (PF) Accounts to one Unified Universal Account Number (UAN).
  • You can check your EPF Balance, Account Credit Details on Monthly and Annual Basis etc.
  • You can check Employee’s contribution as well as Employer’s contribution towards PF Account.
  • You can easily transfer your PF Account from one Employer/Company to another.
  • You can withdraw partial amount of your PF Account through Online Method (just like Net Banking).
  • You can update your personal details like Residential Address and Identity Proof.

UAN Login for Emergency Withdrawal of PF

By using UAN Login Portal, the Employees can withdraw partial amount from their Provident Fund Account for emergency reasons. The withdrawal process is online so that it is very easy for the member to withdraw money in emergency circumstances through UAN Login.

Check EPF Balance Online with UAN Number

In order to know EPF Account Balance, the Employees are required follow the procedure give below:

  1. Go to UAN Member Portal OR
  2. Thereafter, the Employees should go to Login section and provide their UAN Number, User Name and Password as per instructions.
  3. Search and Select Current Balance/Closing Balance of PF Account.
  4. Check your EPF Balance and note it down for reference.

Transfer PF Account with UAN Login

The UAN Member Portal is also useful for transfer of Provident Fund Account. The Employees do not need to request the Old Employer or any other company/organization. Because the EPFO provides UAN Portal to all its members so that they can easily transfer their PF Account from Old Employer to New Employer.

Kindly refer official website at or or for more information about UAN Login, UAN Member Portal.