UAN Activation – Activate UAN Number

Check Your UAN Status – Steps for UAN Activation:

Every member of EPFO are required to know Procedure for UAN Activation. Universal Account Number Activation is a compulsory procedure for all employees. Because UAN Services are available online on UAN Member e-Sewa Portal (also known as EPFO Unified Portal). In order to use UAN Services (like Passbook download, Check EPF Balance etc.), the employees have to Activate UAN on Member e-Sewa Portal.

Generally, employee’s UAN Number is generated by employer at the time of online registration of first time employment. The employers should give UAN Number to employees along with Member ID or PF Account Number, so that they can access UAN Member e-Sewa Portal and use various services. In case any employee does not know their UAN, they should check their Salary Slip where EPF Member ID and UAN are printed.

UAN Activation

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has launched UAN Services for its members in 2014. The purpose of introducing UAN is to link employee’s multiple PF Accounts with one Universal Account Number. Universal Account Number (UAN) is allotted by EPFO to every employee who is covered under Provident Fund Scheme. At present, there is not a single EPFO member in India who does not have UAN Number.

Check PF Balance Online

In earlier times, when employees changed their job, they needed to provide their Old PF Account Number to new employer. Now, the employees are required to give their UAN (Universal Account Number) to new employer. Moreover,

How UAN is different from PF Account Number /EPF Member ID

Employee who works with multiple organizations, may have many PF Accounts. But employee can not have more than one UAN Number during his/her lifetime.

UAN Number remains unchanged even employee keeps changing his/her job. However, PF Account Number may be changed with change of job.

PF Account Number is employee’s Member ID given by EPFO, while UAN is a unique number provided to link multiple PF Accounts of employee.

With help of PF Account Number, employee can check details of only one Account, while with UAN Number and Password, employee can access all of his/her PF Accounts linked with UAN.

Importance of UAN Activation:

UAN Activation is important to employees because they can not login to UAN Member e-Sewa Portal without Activating UAN. Employees need to provide their UAN Number and Password to login to UAN Member e-Sewa Portal and use UAN Services for Employees. All facilities and services mentioned below are available only for employees/members whose UAN is Activated.

Download & Print your Updated Passbook

UAN Activation is useful to employees to know their EPF Balance online. In addition, employees can download and print EPF Passbook at anytime. The EPF Passbook is updated every 24 hours on UAN Member e-Sewa Portal, so that the employees are able to download Updated Passbook every time.

Download & Print your UAN Card

After the UAN is Activated, employees are advised to download their UAN Card as PDF file. Because UAN Card includes Employee’s Name, UAN Number, KYC Information and PF Account Number or Member ID linked with this UAN etc. So all important details of employee can be checked in a single document i.e. UAN Card.

Update your KYC information

Employees can easily provide KYC documents and update their KYC information through UAN Member e-Sewa Portal. In order to update KYC info, employees must have Activated UAN earlier and possess their Universal Account Number and Password for login purpose. Employees should also have scanned copy of KYC document i.e. PAN, Aadhaar or any other as required.

List of Member IDs linked with UAN

Employee can see the List of all Member IDs which are linked with their UAN. All updates in concerned PF Accounts can be seen at UAN Member e-Sewa Portal after multiple Member IDs have been linked with employee’s UAN Number.

File and View Transfer Claims

Employees can file Transfer Claim of their PF Account through UAN Member e-Sewa Portal. Once, the Claim is filed, employees are able to check Status of Transfer Claim time to time.

Methods of UAN Activation:

There are three methods of UAN Activation are available. Employees can choose any one method to Activate UAN online as per their convenience.

  1. UAN Activation on UAN Member e-Sewa Portal
  2. UAN Activation through m-epf Mobile App
  3. UAN Activation by SMS

Procedure to Activate UAN:

Before starting UAN Activation Procedure, make sure you possess following details and documents in required format:

  • Universal Account Number (UAN)
  • Member ID or PF Account Number
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Registered Mobile Number

Procedure for UAN Activation through all three methods is described as under_

01) UAN Activation on UAN Member e-Sewa Portal

  1. Log on to Unified Portal at
  2. Find out and select UAN Member e-Sewa link under Online Services – For Employees section.
  3. Click on Activate UAN under Important Links to open relevant page.
  4. Enter your UAN or Member ID or Aadhaar or PAN details.
  5. Then provide your Name, Date of Birth and Mobile Number.
  6. Email ID is optional, provide it if you wish to.
  7. Click on Get authorization pin to receive pin.
  8. Enter the pin you received on your registered mobile number.
  9. Your UAN will soon be Activated.

02) UAN Activation through m-epf Mobile App

You must possess a Smartphone to use m-epf Mobile App. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has launched Mobile Application for its members on android and iOS  platforms. So, employee needs to download/install m-epf App by following the steps given below:

  1. Open Google Play Store if you have an Android Smartphone, iPhone users can go to App Store.
  2. Find out m-epf App and download it.
  3. Install the m-epf Mobile App and wait for the installation process to get completed.
  4. Start Mobile Data /Cellular Data /Internet on your Smartphone.
  5. Open the EPFO (m-epf) Mobile App from your phone’s application menu.
  6. You will see three options Member, Pensioner and Employer.
  7. Click on Member option and then click on Activate UAN button to proceed.
  8. Select your EPFO Office, provide your Establishment Code, Extension Code (if any).
  9. Also provide Employee Number, UAN Number and Mobile Number.
  10. Tick the declaration as “right” (all above details are correct etc.).
  11. Finally click on Activate Button to proceed.
  12. As soon as the process is completed, your UAN will be Activated.

03) UAN Activation by SMS

Employees can also Activate UAN by SMS i.e. without computer, smartphone or Internet. But the UAN Activation Procedure can be performed from employee’s Registered Mobile Number only. In order to do this process, employees are advised to go through following steps:

  1. Open Messages /SMS Application on your Mobile Phone.
  2. Go to Create Message or New Message option.
  3. Write the text message as EPFOHO ACT,<<12 Digit UAN Number>>,<<22 Digit Member ID>>.
  4. Please do NOT leave any space before or after coma and from beginning to end of text.
  5. Then send the SMS (text message) to 07738299899.
  6. Please keep in mind that your mobile operator will charge you for this SMS Message.
  7. Once the SMS is sent and delivered to the number 07738299899, it will take some time for verification.
  8. Soon you will receive a Text Message displaying that you UAN is Activated now.

What to do if I don’t know my UAN?

In case the employee does not know his/her UAN, it can be found on Salary Slip. Employee can also ask for UAN to respective employer. In addition to these two options, there is an online procedure to know UAN which is provided below:

  1. Log on to EPFO Unified Portal at
  2. Find out FOR EMPLOYEES under Online Services head.
  3. Then click on UAN Member e-Sewa link to go to relevant portal.
  4. Move to lower right of the page where you will see Important Links.
  5. Select Know Your UAN Status link to proceed.
  6. Provide your Member ID (PF Account Number) or PAN or Aadhaar, Your Name, Date of Birth and Mobile Number.
  7. Submit the details to receive authorization pin.
  8. Enter the pin you received on mobile to complete the process.
  9. You UAN Number will be displayed on screen or sent to your registered mobile number.

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